min no

min no

mam men (word list)

Minno, or min no, is a general-purpose spoken and written language.


The minno alphabet consists of 18 characters (mop); 12 consonants (mop lak) and 6 vowels (mop mu).


Words (mam) in minno behave differently then most other languages. This is because they may be used as nouns, adjectives, verbs, and more. Here is a list of properties that mam have.

  • One syllable long
  • May be used in multiple parts of speech
  • May not have multiple definitions per part of speech
  • Two types: Things (o) & Properties (i)

For example, the word li can mean 'location (of)' or 'to be located at'. For example:

mo li no: I am (located) here
li mo: My location

Sentence Structure

In minno, Property words come after Thing words. For example, take these two sentences:

mo main: I see
main mo: My vision

The word mo means me, my, mine, to be mine, etc. The word main means sight, vision, to see, etc. The same examples, but using english words, would be as follows:

mo main: [I] [see]
main mo: [vision] [my]